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Not just a regular real estate agency

Sellit began its activity in 2011 as a sales training company. Currently we are the only sales agency offering a full service. 

Mainly, we provide our clients with resale and sales management services. We help both individuals and big corporations to sell more with less effort. Selling real estate is our main focus.

The key competence of Sellit is the creation of sales strategies, which has so far ensured a strong competitive advantage and good results for our customers. 

Not just brokers

Excellent salespeople are not born - they are made. There are no amateurs or “part-time” employees at Sellit. Our team consists only of strong-willed professionals who are used to working outside of their comfort-zone. When it comes to selling real estate, our salespeople stand out from the crowd with their courage, selling skills and willingness to put in more effort than anyone else. 

We are leaders, not followers

Our goal is not just to be the best in Estonia. Our goal is to be the best in Estonia on our worst day. That's why we are always looking for ways to improve and take our skills to the next level.

It has also become our mission to lead by example and improve the sales culture in Estonia. Sellit's seminars and training materials are highly recognized. For example about 80% of Estonian real estate agency use our book “Black Belt in Sales” as a training tool.

The best work with the best

World-class performance requires absolute focus. Our core competencies revolve around selling, customer service and marketing. In other fields we have developed a network of extremely competent and professional suppliers. We are the best at what we do - for everything else we have professional partners who are the best at what they do.

We have found that in situations where the best work with the best, the client becomes the biggest winner.

We don't wait for opportunities, we create them.

We estimate that about 90% of salespeople (including real estate agents) are cashiers not active salespeople. A cashier is a person who is passive, has low standards, does not possess technical selling skills and usually lacks self-criticism.

Our sales team has been forged in the toughest fields of active selling. We are not used to waiting for clients and praying for someone to buy. Some people hope for things to happen, we make it happen. We don't wait for opportunities, we create them.

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Sellit's process flow

  1. Contact us! You can call us (+372 58 058 878) or write us an e-mail (
  2. We will inspect the object and get acquainted with each other.
  3. Professional real estate appraisers determine the market value of the property.
  4. If everything suits, we will sign a contract.
  5. We take on 100% of the marketing and sales: you do not need to think about finding potential buyers or communicating with them.
  6. We will negotiate for you and help you close the deal.
  7. You only pay for our services after we have reached a deal.
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The best sales experts in Estonia

A gram of action beats a ton of theory.

"I have been working with Sellit for a while now and I definitely recommend them. They are a very hardworking team who are extremely competent in theory as well as practice and they are easy to work with. The Sell It team can definitely handle challenges that other sales trainers might not."
Fred Krieger, CEO & founder
"Sellit trainers are one of the best to have ever trained our employees. The training was gripping and exciting from start to finish and most importantly – our employees obtained valuable practical skills that allow them to achieve immediate results."
Heinar Põldma
Põldma Kaubanduse AS, CEO
"Thanks to cooperation with Sellit we have managed to take our customer service to a whole new level. Individually carried out systematic trainings have guaranteed continuous growth both in sales and our consulants’ personal growth."
Märt Vagur
Sangar AS, former retail sales manager
"There are times in life when you hit the low, when you need your batteries to be recharged and motivation to be lifted up again. Tarmo is one of the few people you can turn to in such case. The man is power, energy and positivity combined all in one. I definitely recommend him!"
Lauri Luik
MP in the 11th, 12th and 13th Riigikogu
"Thanks to the professional sales trainings carried out by the Sellit team, our employees gained new insights and the management better incentive packages for the employees which in return helped to boost significantly the company’s sales."
Kersti Piirmets
Fliis Trade OÜ, CEO
"I trust people who don’t recognize superficiality and settle for mediocrity, who are willing to take time to delve into finding solutions and making them work. I know that Tarmo Tamm from the Sellit team is exactly like that. Sellit has introduced a whole new culture and approch to the Estonian sales training world."
Keit Pentus-Rosimannus
Former Estonian minister, MP in the 11th, 12th and 13h Riigikogu
"We expected the best results but the ones that we got exceeded them by far. I value especially the fact that in addition to what we had agreed on they also helped us with selecting the candidates and training them. I also loved their billing proces. Instead of making an immediate prepayment, we could pay by stages after each one of them was successfully completed. Great results. Definitely recommend them."
Ingmar Pappel
Interinx OÜ, CEO
"We have used Sellit services on a number of occasions and our cooperation has proven its merits. The communication was very good and while putting together the training program we mapped the current situation and the training needs. Their long-term practical experience in sales helped us to quickly identify the main problems and find a way to tackle them. After completing the training program, which also included coaching sales consultants in real work situation, there has been a remarkable increase in face-to-face sales in our company."
Aet Viira
MTG/Viasat, former sales director